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Striking the right balance. 

The modern performance horse is an athlete requiring a high energy diet to maintain condition, work level and recovery. Most of our modern diets, especially in high intensity work such as racing, eventing and polo are derived largely from grains. Although we advocate feeding high quality forage ad-lib, it is not always practical for horses in hard work, with the result that the largest percentage of their nutrition comes from concentrates and horses often go for long periods of time without eating.

This can lead to a build-up of acid in the system leading to gastric ulcers most commonly and in some instances laminitis and tying-up. Research has shown that more horses than we realize suffer from gastric ulcers and although not always noticeable some of the symptoms include poor appetite, poor condition and difficulty in picking up weight, dull coat, mild colic symptoms and lying down more than usual.

Apart from changing the type and ratio of feed and the number of feeds per day, Vuma Strike R8 is a very useful supplement to help combat the problems associated with acid build-up.

Strike R8 works in the following ways :

  • A highly effective, long acting buffer (containing bio-available calcium) assists in acid reduction in the stomach, and fenugreek powder acts as a general digestive aid, to help to reduce the incidence and severity of gastric ulcers and to optimize digestive function in all horses.
  • A gut microbe population modifier (Virginiamycin) helps to reduce lactic acid build up in the hind gut, decreasing the incidence of acidosis and significantly reducing the risk of laminitis.
  • Vitamin E and organic selenium eliminate deficiency induced muscle degeneration, vitamin B1 and niacin are essential factors in muscle energy metabolism, and balanced electrolytes, including calcium and magnesium, ensure optimal muscle function, helping to eliminate nutrition-related tying-up.

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For more information contact :
Catherine Hartley : 083 640 1155



Cape Town

Cape Town
(Photo : Cape Town Tourism)

It's sizzling in the City!

Cape Town may be in temperate climes but the racing action this next week is really heating things up!

The CTS Cape Premier Yearling Sale starts off on Thursday the 26th of January through Friday the 27th with a very strong catalogue of very well bred and well-related yearlings on offer. There is a lot of depth across the 350 lot book and it is bound to attract a strong buying market. We expect to see some exceptional horses and some record-breaking prices!

To view the catalogue:

Saturday the 28th of January brings the running of the J&B Met! As always, it is the place to be on the last Saturday of January. The field could be quite open except for the presence of sparkling jewel, Igugu! The champion filly has run second only twice in her career and it will be thrilling to see if she can once again hold off the boys, as she did in the Vodacom Durban July!

J&B MET (Grade 1)
Kenilworth, Turf, 2000m
28 January 2012


N0 Horse Kg MR Dr Jockey Trainer
1 BRAVURA 60.0 113 12 A Marcus Joey Ramsden
2 THE APACHE 59.5 114 11 R Danielson Gavin van Zyl
3 TALES OF BRAVERY 58.0 113 15 M Byleveld Vaughan Marshall
4 ILSANPIETRO (BRZ) 58.0 111 2 W Marwing Mike de Kock
5 LION IN WINTER 58.0 109 3 G Hatt Joey Ramsden
6 SMANJEMANJE 58.0 108 9 * G van Niekerk Tyrone Zackey
7 CASK 58.0 107 6 tba Stephen Page
8 FABIANI 58.0 107 14 S Cormack Glen Kotzen
9 SUPER STORM 58.0 104 13 K Neisius Mike Bass
10 CHESALON 57.5 110 16 K Teetan Mike Bass
11 RUN FOR IT 57.5 106 4 B Fayd'Herbe Justin Snaith
12 IGUGU (AUS) 57.0 117 7 A Delpech Mike de Kock
13 EMERALD COVE 57.0 106 1 F Coetzee Justin Snaith
14 BEACH BEAUTY 55.0 108 5 A Forbes Dennis Drier
15 GIMMETHEGREENLIGHT (AUS) 54.0 117 8 P Strydom Justin Snaith
16 ASTRO NEWS 52.0 107 10 R Fourie Greg Ennion



J J The Jet Plane at work

J J The Jet Plane
(Image : HKJC / T&L Racing)

Betting World Cape Flying Championship (Grade 1)
Kennilworth, Turf, 1000m
21 January 2012

Vuma Champion, J J The Jet Plane, makes his return to South African racing this weekend after returning injured from Dubai in the middle of last year.

JJ has been back in training at the Vaal, with the Lucky and Natalie Houdalakis team who have nursed their champ back to full health. He will line up with the rest of the field in the Grade 1 Cape Flying Championship, over 1000 metres on Saturday the 21st January at Kenilworth.

The field of six includes the Mike Bass-trained What a Winter and the exceptional Var filly, Val de Ra for the Durban based Dennis Drier yard.

We look forward to a very exciting race!

Kenilworth, Turf, 1000m
21 January 2012
# Horse Kg MR Dr Jockey Trainer
1 J J THE JET PLANE 60.0 122 3 B Fayd'Herbe Lucky Houdalakis
2 WHAT A WINTER 60.0 117 6 K Neisius Mike Bass
3 COPPER PARADE 60.0 108 4 G Hatt Joey Ramsden
4 CAPTAIN'S SECRET 60.0 107 5 M Byleveld Mike Bass
5 RABATTACHE 60.0 107 2 R Fourie Glen Puller
6 VAL DE RA 57.5 111 1 A Forbes Dennis Drier


Healthy Horse

Happy New Year!
(Photo : Summerhill Stud)

2012 has already kicked off at a cracking pace...

The trouble with New Year's resolutions is that by the time one has made them and thought about implementing them, the year is already ticking along into February and onwards.

Some people don't belive that the new year is any different to the old, yet the difference of that second hand on the big clock ticking away the old year and heralding in the new has a pshycologically refreshing benefit for most of us.

It allows some wiping of the slates to allow us to start anew, whether within our physical or mental selves, work and ambitions, aspirations and goals. Whatever we are looking to change or improve, the new year certainly provides a renewed opportunity to focus on those things.

2012 has already kicked off at a cracking pace, particularly for Justin Snaith and the connections of Gimmethegreenlight who won the L'Ormarins Queen's Plate in a very exciting race. Our congratulations to all.

This month also sees the running of the J&B Met and the CTS Cape Premier Yearling Sale to be held for two days before, on the 26th and 27th January. We wish all our Vuma customers the very best as they show off their horses to the world.

This year will also see a number of South African riders competing at the London Olympics and we look forward to watching their progress!

Speaking of refreshing; we have refreshed our bags, to a shiny, recyclable BOPP version. While keeping your feed fresher, they are very striking and hard to miss, so keep an eye out for the green and gold, as you will see them coming into your feed store.

To all our Vuma clients, we wish you the most successful and rewarding year ahead, knowing that Vuma will be there when it matters most.

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For more information contact :
Catherine Hartley : 083 640 1155



Mark Todd

Mark Todd
(Photo : The Telegraph)


Vuma has always been green; from our branding and packaging to our approach to feeding horses, but this week we had a completely different reason.


The (very lucky) Summerhill team had the great honour of hosting legendary eventer Mark Todd at the stud farm. Having won Badminton again this year, on his grey horse Land Vision, he really is an inspiration to any rider and proof that age should not be a limiting factor in competitive riding.

Apart from his many Gold medals and being inducted into the New Zealand Sports Hall of Fame, he was voted 'Rider of the 20thCentury' by the FEI! He is a true legend!

If you have not already read it, his autobiography, 'So Far So Good', is well worth the read. He has also published a number of instructional books as well as a book on his famous and much-loved horse Charisma!

As we write, we are compiling our 'Recommended Reading' list to post onto the Vuma Website and these books are most definitely on the list. If you have any titles that you would like to share, please do email us at

Click here to read the article on Mark Todd posted on the Summerhill Stud Blog.

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