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Click above to watch Vuma-fed Big City Life winning the 2009 Vodacom Durban July
(Footage : Tellytrack)

Vodacom Durban July (Grade 1)
Greyville, Turf, 2200m
2 July 2011

Right now, there is more than a chill in the air and winter's frosty fingers are gripping most parts of the country. Apart from being a fierce reminder that we are in the middle of our South African winter it also the harbinger of Africa's Biggest Horseracing event - the Vodacom Durban July!

Just three weeks away, this year's Right Royal Affair is set to once again, test the country's top horses against each other. Some of the main contenders for the big race include J&B Met winner Past Master, Triple Tiara winning filly, Igugu, as well as the Summerhill-bred Pierre Jordaan.

Bearing in mind that Igugu and Pierre Jordaan both grew up on the strong foundations of Vuma Feed, there will be more than a passing interest in their results.

With things hotting up for the big day, the KZN winter season has got off to a blistering start for some of our current Vuma customers. Trainer Sean Tarry has just saddled the winner of the Lonsdale Stirrup Cup, Vertical Takeoff, who also lines up in the July field while trainer Glen Kotzen who saddled Princess Victoria to win the Allan Robertson Championship, has entered 2009 July winner Big City Life in this year's main event.

At whatever level one participates, July day is set to be an epic event with the who's who lining up on the track and off.

For all our Vuma customers, they know that when it matters most, Vuma is always there and come the first Saturday in July, we will be there in every way - Will you?

Horses are our passion and we love to feed your Champions!

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For more information contact :
Catherine Hartley : 083 640 1155
Email: catherine@vumafeed.co.za



Vuma V8 Horse Feed

Supplying the Energy Needs of the Endurance Horse

Vuma V8 is an elevated fat feed, high in energy and including processed carbohydrates, to supply the energy needs of the endurance horse. Made up of extruded maize, oats, barley, whole sunflower, roasted soya, cold pressed oil and the industry's No.1 vitamin and mineral pack.

Due to the high nutrient density of the feed, only a relatively small amount need be given daily.

Also useful for your endurance horse :


The goal of feeding the endurance horse is to meet the requirements of prolonged competition while avoiding metabolic problems associated with it.

The endurance horse needs a high-energy diet to accomplish his work. Energy can be supplied most efficiently via carbohydrates and fats. Grain processing, in the form of extrusion, increases the digestibility of the starch in the small intestine, maximising the energy absorbed and minimising the amount that reaches the hind gut.

The method of digestion in the hind gut is fermentation and its by-products are undesirable acid, heat and gas. The end-products of starch digestion in the small intestine are glycogen and glucose – essential energy sources in muscle and blood.

Fats contain about 2.5 times the energy per kilogram as carbohydrates and are an excellent source of supplementary energy. Fats are effective in endurance horse nutrition, because of their glycogen sparing effect in the muscles. It is important that elevated fat diets are used throughout the training phase, as the muscles need to be conditioned to utilise fat resources efficiently. The fatty acid profile should be considered, with an oil higher in omega 3 fatty acids, particularly EPA and DHA, being most suitable.

Click here to view the
Vuma Horse Feed Product Summary

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For more information contact :
Catherine Hartley : 083 640 1155
Email: catherine@vumafeed.co.za



Perfect Trick Polo Horse

Perfect Trick
(Photo : Catherine Hartley)

"Send us pics of your Vuma fed Champions"

Vuma Feed's Catherine Hartley took on Summerhill bred and owned, Perfect Trick (Russian Revival x Absolute Magic), in September 2007. Having grown up on Vuma Feed, the handsome little gelding is still on Vuma Vitality and is flourishing.

Having been brought on slowly for polo, he played his first 8-goal tournament last weekend. He is quiet, easy and very un-ruffled and seems to be becoming quite the little goal-scoring star!

However, this is proving to be something of a marital dilemma in the Hartley household as there is now fierce competition and bargaining as to who should be playing Perfect Trick. In this instance, you can see, Catherine lost the battle!

They will be in action again at Highveld Polo Champs which is being held at East Rand Polo Club this weekend.

If you have pictures of your Vuma fed Champions, send them to info@vumafeed.co.za or catherine@vumafeed.co.za and we will post them on our site.



Horses grazing at Summerhill Stud

Summerhill Stud - The birthplace of Vuma Horse Feed
(Photo : Summerhill Stud)

"Our Passion feeds your Champions"

In the words of Summerhill Studs' Mick Goss: "The word passion passed its sell-by date at Summerhill long ago. This team is not passionate: it's obsessed with what it does."

Considering that Summerhill was the birth place of Vuma Horse Feed, the Vuma team is bred from the same obsessive genes, which seem to define the best of horsemen.

We are obsessed with ensuring that your horses get nothing but the most superior nutrition at the best value. Utilising international research, the feeds are formulated to provide a nutrient dense, highly palatable feed containing the best vitamins and minerals in the industry. We ensure that whatever your endeavour your horse receives all the nutrients that it needs to develop and perform at its peak.

VUMA counts among its customers South African Champions from every equine discipline, including some of the top individuals on the National trainers' log.

Summerhill Stud, South Africa's Champion Thoroughbred Breeders use nothing else, and they'll tell you that Vuma has been at the heart of their achievements. And then of course, there are those that have made it to the top of their professions at polo, show jumping, eventing, endurance and dressage.

In our enduring obsession to bring you the very best, we have updated our product range, which can be viewed in detail on our website :

Click here to view the
Vuma Horse Feed Product Summary

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For more information contact :
Catherine Hartley : 083 640 1155
Email: catherine@vumafeed.co.za



Vuma Vitality Horse Feed

Vuma Vitality
(Photo : Vuma Horsefeeds)

Vuma Vitality

Vitality is defined as vital power or the ability to sustain life and health and the ability to endure and have vigour.

This description is the fundamental core of Vuma Vitality, the stalwart of the Vuma product range forming the basic foundation for the Stud Feed range and the favourite principal product in our range of Sport Horse feeds.

Vuma Vitality is a 12% protein muesli based feed, providing horses with a palatable and nutrient dense combination of whole grains including oats, extruded maize, crushed maize, whole sunflower, soya, lucerne, bran, and the industry's number 1 vitamin and mineral pack.

The different whole grains provide a certain amount of roughage (tough outer hulls) while also fulfilling some of the searching behaviour of horses by allowing them to pick through the different grains. More roughage and different shaped grains also encourage slower eating, as a horse cannot grip as much in one mouthful.

The superior vitamin and mineral pack and amino acid profile ensure that each horse receives all the necessary vitamins and minerals to maintain good health and muscle tone and recover well from hard work.

Designed with a dual purpose, Vitality is recommended for sport and leisure horses in medium to hard work, general horses needing condition as well as for stud horses, barren mares, mares in 1st and 2nd trimester of pregnancy, and it is very suitable for spelling horses.

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