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Horses grazing at Summerhill Stud

Summerhill Stud - The birthplace of Vuma Horse Feed
(Photo : Summerhill Stud)

"Our Passion feeds your Champions"

In the words of Summerhill Studs' Mick Goss: "The word passion passed its sell-by date at Summerhill long ago. This team is not passionate: it's obsessed with what it does."

Considering that Summerhill was the birth place of Vuma Horse Feed, the Vuma team is bred from the same obsessive genes, which seem to define the best of horsemen.

We are obsessed with ensuring that your horses get nothing but the most superior nutrition at the best value. Utilising international research, the feeds are formulated to provide a nutrient dense, highly palatable feed containing the best vitamins and minerals in the industry. We ensure that whatever your endeavour your horse receives all the nutrients that it needs to develop and perform at its peak.

VUMA counts among its customers South African Champions from every equine discipline, including some of the top individuals on the National trainers' log.

Summerhill Stud, South Africa's Champion Thoroughbred Breeders use nothing else, and they'll tell you that Vuma has been at the heart of their achievements. And then of course, there are those that have made it to the top of their professions at polo, show jumping, eventing, endurance and dressage.

In our enduring obsession to bring you the very best, we have updated our product range, which can be viewed in detail on our website :

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Vuma Horse Feed Product Summary

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For more information contact :
Catherine Hartley : 083 640 1155
Email: catherine@vumafeed.co.za

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