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"Vuma Horsefeeds : The Innovator in Equine Nutrition"

“Compromise” is not a word we use around here. In fact, it’s forbidden. There’s enough compromise in the world, and we don’t tolerate it at Vuma. That’s why we still make our horsefeeds according to the Vuma Purity Oath of 1989.

Ever since then, we’ve been working away at making better and better horsefeeds, to the degree that today Vuma stands as the innovator, the Rolls Royce in the nutrition business. In South Africa and abroad.

Some years back, we developed the very first range of bio-friendly horsefeeds in the world, and the creed by which we started, stands firm today. Use nothing but the very best ingredients, and wherever possible, acquire them from organic producers who share our values.

Everything we do, you can do. By stopping by to pick up a bag of Vuma, you make your own contribution to the health of the planet. Last year, we bought 264 000 000 pounds of responsibly grown, ethically traded ingredients. From farmers who are good to their workers, the community and the environment. As far as we know, we’re still the only people that do it this way. And the results are there for everyone to see.

Our racetracks were designed to encourage a cracking pace. Our homestretches are renowned as the energy-sappers of the world. Yet, on the biggest of the big days, when the cry went out with 400 metres to go, Vuma was there to answer the call. Every time.

That’s why we feed the bulk of the nation’s top trainers. That’s why we’re the fastest growing brand in the leisure horse business. It’s the reason we’re known as the “Roller”. We won’t give up on you.

And remember this. Every pound is an individual masterpiece, made and wrapped by hand, in a recyclable paper bag. With the care and concern you show for your horse. It’s something we believe in. Deeply. It’s what we stand for. Forever.

It’s the way we’ll keep making horsefeeds. Without compromise.

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