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Perfect Trick - IQuattro Polo Team

Perfect Trick - IQuattro Polo Team
(Image : Catherine Hartley)

Highveld Polo Championships
East Rand Polo Club
25 - 27 May 2012

Vuma's results speak for themselves and the tried and tested formulations have supported many an equine champion across all disciplines, from showing and dressage to eventing, polo and racing.

Current Champion Thoroughbred breeders of South Africa, Summerhill Stud, know the value of superior stud nutrition and one can't dispute the stats which have positioned them at the top of the South African Breeders' Log for seven consecutive years!

Apart from breeding many champions, Summerhill were also the breeders of South Africa's winning-most racehorse, Hear the Drums, who after winning 34 races was retired last year and now languishes in the fields of his birth.

As with any athlete, nutrition plays a vital role in maintaining physical condition; from providing the right energy for the job, repair and recovery of muscles and tissue after strenuous exercise and ensuring optimum health.

With a foundation of Vuma, one can be confident that correct bone and skeletal strength has been laid down from the start and any equine athlete that is lucky enough to be maintained on Vuma throughout their careers bears further testament to the nutritional superiority of Vuma.

One example of this, are the horses of the IQuattro Polo Team; based in Johannesburg and powered by Vuma, who were contestants in the 12 goal final of the Highveld Polo Championships last Sunday.

Among the fantastic ponies in their string was Summerhill-bred Perfect Trick (Russian Revival x Absolute Magic), now in his 5th year since coming off the track and really proving himself as a polo star.

Vuma bred and Vuma fed - we love to feed your champions!

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