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J J The Jet Plane Horse

JJ The Jet Plane
(Photo : HKJC)

"From Dead Heats to Final Touchdowns"

This past week has been somewhat turbulent as the Highveld Autumn season came to a close with Champions Day at Turffontein and the Emperors Palace Bloodstock SA National Yearling Sale.

The sale ended slightly lower than last year, although mostly positive (and certainly the figures are more realistic since the TBA has taken the bold step of excluding vendor buy-backs in the overall sales figures.)

However, around the sales complex not all vendors were equally happy and the sale was a tough one for many of the smaller breeders. Champion Breeders and Vuma founders, Summerhill Stud ended as the 5th leading vendor with their yearlings selling for an average price of R323,077.

Saturday's Champions Day provided many thrills and a few disappointments. Mary Slack's, Wilgerbosdrift Stud had a phenomenal day, winning 4 of the 9 graded races with some of their exceptional fillies. Apart from their breeding, the performance of all four horses, trained by Mike de Kock, makes them very exciting broodmare prospects for the stud, once their racing careers are over. They will certainly be ones to watch in the future!

The Grade 1 SA Derby proved a nail biter, with Sean Tarry and Chris van Niekerk's Pomodoro just getting up to dead-heat with Alec Laird's Royal Bencher. Pomodoro was also bred by Chris and he is living up to his name and proving himself to be a very golden apple!

Our favourite Champ, JJ The Jet Plane, ran in the Computaform Sprint, after winning it in 2008 and going on to travel the world and back, lighting up the tracks wherever he went. Seemingly, he has shown that at the age of 7, with a merit rating of 122 and earnings of over R12 million, that he has nothing left to prove and would prefer to expend his energy as he chooses. The owners have decided to retire him and he will be living in the rolling green hills of Mooi River with Marc and Nicola Coppez of Balmoral Stud.

To Hennie, Coenie, Thea, Lucky, Natalie and the whole T&L Racing Stables team, it is the end of an unbelievable ride. No Jet Plane ever built could provide the thrills and once in a lifetime experiences that JJ has.

He has been a true champion and the Vuma team salutes you all - we have loved playing a part in his career and he has made us all truly proud!

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TBA Sales Complex, Gosforth Park, Germiston, South Africa

TBA Sales Complex, Gosforth Park, Germiston, South Africa
(Photo : Catherine Hartley)

"If you are not in Gauteng this week, where are you?"

Joburg is heating up this week! The Thoroughbred Breeders Association Sales Complex in Germiston is abuzz with activity as buyers start coming through to view the draft for the 2012 Emperors Palace National Yearling Sale.

There is much planned during and after the National Sales and the TBA has included an added incentive to apply for a buyer's card in offering two lucky card holders a weekend away at the Royal Chundu Lodge on the Zambezi. Truth be told though, with the horses on offer, one hardly needs an incentive to be able to put a hand up!

Vuma Horsefeeds will be at the TBA Sales Complex in force to support all our breeders; led of course by founders of the feed and Champion Breeders of South Africa, Summerhill Stud, who have a draft of 31 yearlings who have had only the best foundation in Vuma.

Champion's Day, Saturday at Turffontein, will be a cracker of a race day as the Highveld Autumn season comes to an end with a bang! Nine of the ten races on the card are graded races, so we should be in for a great day's racing covering all ages and all distances.

As always, Vuma will be there when it matters most - we love to feed your champions!

Emperors Palace National Yearling Sale
TBA Sales Complex, Gosforth Park, Germiston, South Africa

Friday 27 April 2012 - 11:00 Lots 1 - 250
Sunday 29 April 2012 11:00 Lots 251 - 467

Champion's Day
"Africa's Richest Raceday"

Turffontein, South Africa
28 April 2012

Race Time Dist (m) Stake (ZAR) Race
1 11:55 1600 89,000 Support Your Nationality's Charity On Champions Day MR90
2 12:30 1160 400,000 SA Fillies Nursery (Grade 2)
3 13:10 1160 500,000 SA Nursery (Grade 1)
4 13:50 1160 200,000 Camellia Stakes (Grade 2)
5 14:25 1000 1,000,000 Computaform Sprint (Grade 1)
6 15:00 2450 1,500,000 SA Derby Powered (Grade 1)
7 15:40 2000 2,000,000 President's Champions Challenge (Grade 1)
8 16:15 2450 75,000 SA Oaks (Grade 2)
9 16:50 2000 30,000 Gerald Rosenberg Stakes (Grade 2)
10 17:20 3200 50,000 Gold Bowl (Grade 2)

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Emperors Palace National Yearling SaleEmperors Palace National Yearling Sale
TBA Sales Complex, Germiston, South Africa
(Photo : Catherine Hartley)

15 - 17 April 2011

It's all action at the TBA Sales Complex in Germiston, as the 2011 Emperors Palace National Yearling Sale gets underway today at 1pm. The sale continues through Saturday evening, with the final 225 lots being sold on Sunday 17th April from 10am.

Vuma Champion Breeders, Summerhill Stud, are in full force with a strong draft of good looking horses all grown and raised on the nutrient dense Vuma products.

Viewing around all the studs seems to have been steady and everyone is hoping to find the next champion among them.

We wish all our Vuma clients a very successful sale - we love to feed your Champions!

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charles laird emperors palace national yearling sale

Charles Laird viewing the Summerhill yearlings at Block A
(Photo : Summerhill Stud/TBA/Jean Stanley)


The title of a Classic book but the feeling that the Vuma and Summerhill teams have as the National Yearling Sales get underway.

The Summerhill draft of yearlings has settled in to the TBA complex at Germiston and are strutting their stuff as they get viewed by prospective buyers.

These  are proud and anxious moments for us knowing that they are on the brink of their racing careers and willing them to be successful in every way.

Apart from their impeccable handling and rearing, from a Vuma perspective we know that they have had the best foundations possible. The nutrient dense Vuma Vigour will have ensured that from conception to weaning they have received the best nutrients from their mothers and once weaned, they have had the best possible foundations for optimal growth and development.

The proof is in the pudding, as they say, and the Summerhill draft is exceptional.

It’s an exciting weekend ahead as the sales start at 6pm on Friday evening and then SA Derby Day takes centre stage on Saturday. Among the contenders for the main race are graduates of the Summerhill paddocks, sold at the Ready to Run sales, including Pierre Jourdan, Smanjemanje and Nyakatho and you can be assured that we will be there to see them lead the field home!


vuma stud horse

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uncle tommy (kahal x cousin linda)

Top priced yearling (R2.4 million) at the 2009 Emperors Palace National Yearling Sale
(Photo : Summerhill Stud) 

"Please click photo to enlarge..."

Summerhill Stud's Racing & Bloodstock Manager, Kerry Jack, gives us her views on preparing yearlings for the sales ring :

kerry jack summerhill studKerry JackThe National Yearling Sale is held annually in April and is the showcase for the country’s best bred and best conformed young racehorses.  The youngsters are all roughly 18 months of age and are selected by a panel who inspect each nominated horse months in advance and give him/her a physical score as well as a pedigree score. The 500 individuals with the highest scores are accepted and then prepared intensively for 3-4 months leading up to the showcase auction. 

As the saying goes, there are many ways to skin a cat, and in the same way there are many ways to prepare a yearling for a sale.  When buyers have hundreds of horses to sort through and you have literally a few minutes to make an impression, presentation and appearance is vital as it can make the difference between a ‘no sale’ or hundreds of thousands of Rands – sometimes millions.


A well balanced feed is probably the single most important ingredient when preparing a yearling for sale.  Remembering of course that no matter how good your feed is during the months leading up to the auction you cannot straighten legs, improve bone density or change the frame of the horse in a few months.  Proper feeding is obviously important from day dot, that is, from the time of conception.  A balanced diet, good grazing, regular de-worming and farrier work are all essential in the development of an athlete.  You cannot perform miracles leading up to the sale and need to have a solid base to start with.

We never feed more than 2kg per meal as a horse’s digestive system is not designed for large meals, but rather frequent small feeds.  Regular feeding also prevents boredom as the yearling gradually spends more and more time in the stable and less in the paddock.  They are fed 3 meals a day at regular intervals, some 4 meals if necessary.  The colts tend to need more than the fillies and some fillies just need a sniff of food to put on condition.  Good eating hay and clean water are supplied ad lib.

I am not a big fan of supplements and the only thing I add to the feed is oil.  Oil is great for putting on condition and does wonders for their coats.  It is often not very palatable, but if introduced slowly (increased by about 20ml a week) you can eventually feed over a cup of oil per feed with no problem.  Some studs in Australia literally float their feed in oil and swear by it!

Everyone has their own ‘secret recipe’ in giving their horses the edge – anything from raw eggs, Guinness, flowers of sulphur and a whole range of commercial products promising to bulk up muscle and shine coats, but if your horse is in good health and your feed is well balanced these added extras just cause confusion, waste money and may even unbalance your ration.  For those who take a little longer to adjust to the changes in their routine anti-ulcer medication and probiotics can be helpful.


A walker is an invaluable tool in conditioning yearlings for sales as it builds muscle and teaches them to walk well.  There are many gadgets used to teach a horse to carry him/herself correctly and build muscles in the correct places, but my gadget of choice is the neck stretcher.  All the youngsters go on the walker with a neck stretcher correctly fitted and gradually work up to 50 minutes of walking .  The speed is steadily increased so that they learn to stride out without trotting.  Buyers are impressed with a good walking yearling as a good walk often translates into a good gallop.  Some horses are naturally good walkers, but it is something that can be taught or at least improved on.  Walking in hand is also extremely important as it teaches the horse manners and a good walk around the farm is a change of scenery and prevents boredom.  Walking, standing and turning correctly is practised daily so that by the time they reach the sales it is second nature for both horse and handler. 


It’s important to let a horse be a horse and live as naturally as possible for as long as possible so the little critters are pretty wild and woolly when they come in for their sales prep.  The trick is to make the transition from paddock to stable as smoothly and stress free as possible.  Like people, different horses take stresses and changes in routine differently.  Some take anything in their stride while others go off their food and worry for any little change.  Most times it’s not rocket science, but treating each horse individually - a bit of common sense and attention to detail goes a long way.

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