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Vuma Vitality Horse Feed

Vuma Vitality
(Photo : Vuma Horsefeeds)

Vuma Vitality

Vitality is defined as vital power or the ability to sustain life and health and the ability to endure and have vigour.

This description is the fundamental core of Vuma Vitality, the stalwart of the Vuma product range forming the basic foundation for the Stud Feed range and the favourite principal product in our range of Sport Horse feeds.

Vuma Vitality is a 12% protein muesli based feed, providing horses with a palatable and nutrient dense combination of whole grains including oats, extruded maize, crushed maize, whole sunflower, soya, lucerne, bran, and the industry's number 1 vitamin and mineral pack.

The different whole grains provide a certain amount of roughage (tough outer hulls) while also fulfilling some of the searching behaviour of horses by allowing them to pick through the different grains. More roughage and different shaped grains also encourage slower eating, as a horse cannot grip as much in one mouthful.

The superior vitamin and mineral pack and amino acid profile ensure that each horse receives all the necessary vitamins and minerals to maintain good health and muscle tone and recover well from hard work.

Designed with a dual purpose, Vitality is recommended for sport and leisure horses in medium to hard work, general horses needing condition as well as for stud horses, barren mares, mares in 1st and 2nd trimester of pregnancy, and it is very suitable for spelling horses.



giant's castle, summerhill stud, south africa

The Valley of the Giant
(Photo : Summerhill Stud) 

Summerhill Stud, Giant's Castle, South Africa

Summerhill Stud is the birth-place of Vuma horse feeds.

Started as an integral part of the stud operation, Vuma looked to all corners to produce a natural feed that was good for the horse and contained the most superior ingredients to provide a nutrient dense product.

Hand in hand with this was a return to natural farming methods, caring for the environment, allowing the land to re-balance itself and restoring the original integrity of the soil.

This same natural philosophy that Vuma started with is still the philosophy of care and concern that continues to drive the way we manufacture our horse feed.

We use only the very best ingredients, sourced from organic producers where possible, providing a nutrient dense complete ration for each individual horse.

And this is why Vuma has played such an integral role in the success of Summerhill, by providing the 600-odd horses on the farm, from stallions to the youngest foals, with the foundation from which to develop their full potential.

Right now the results of this are evident in the numbers denoting the leading breeders.

Summerhill is looking at a sixth consecutive Champion Breeders title and we are still three weeks from the end of the season.

Vuma will be there – every step of the way to the culmination of another successful day of Vuma fed horses at the Vodacom Durban July.

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For more information about Summerhill Stud please visit :


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