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Compromise is not a word we tolerate at Vuma. That’s why we still make our horsefeeds according to the Vuma Purity Oath of 1989.

Some years back, we started manufacturing our horsefeeds on bio-friendly principles and the creed, by which we started, stands firm today. Use nothing but the very best ingredients and, wherever possible, acquire them from organic producers who share our values.

Everything we do, you can do. By stopping by to pick up a bag of Vuma, you make your own contribution to the health of the planet. Last year, we bought responsibly grown, ethically traded ingredients from farmers who are good to their workers, the community and the environment. We believe that this care for our people, our horses and our environment is what sets us apart. And the results are there for everyone to see.

And remember this. Every pound is an individual masterpiece, made and wrapped by hand, in a recyclable paper bag. With the care and concern you show for your horses, we strive to ensure that they get nothing but the best! It’s something we believe in. Deeply. It’s what we stand for. Forever.

It’s the way we’ll keep making horsefeeds. Without compromise.

vuma horsefeeds linkwww.vumafeed.co.za


Summerhill Stud – Another Triumph

A wintery view of Summerhill Stud
(Photo : Leigh Willson)

Summerhill Stud is a place of tranquil splendour, passionate dedication and a lot of hard work.

This labour of love of over 30 years has just culminated in a fifth Breeders Championship for the 2009 season, showing that perseverance, tenacity and a dedication to “doing things right” really does pay off.

Hand in hand with the burgeoning success of Summerhill was a return to natural farming methods, caring for the environment, allowing the land to re-balance itself and restoring the original integrity of the soil.

This is the same natural philosophy that Vuma started with and it is this philosophy of care and concern that continues to drive the way we manufacture our horse feed.

We use only the very best ingredients, sourced from organic producers where possible, providing a nutrient dense complete nutrition range of feeds in a more manageable, environmentally friendly paper bag; a complete ration for each individual horse.

And this is why we have played such an integral role in the success of Summerhill, by providing the 700-odd horses on the farm, from stallions to the smallest foals, with the foundation from which to develop their full potential.

Vuma is in the detail – every step of the way and the results at the sales and on the race-tracks are testimony to this.

Here’s to you Team Summerhill – we love to feed your Champions!

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