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Ready To Run Sale - TBA Sales Complex

Emperors Palace Ready To Run Sale 2011 - TBA Sales Complex
(Photo : Catherine Hartley)


Last Sunday saw the Emperors Palace Ready to Run Sale end on a very positive note with averages up from last year. This is very encouraging to the racing industry, considering the tough economic times that we are living in. However, as Summerhill Stud's Mick Goss says there will still be big races to be won and the pure passion that we all have for horses will keep us optimistic and positive!

See : for more http://blog.summerhill.co.za/blog/2011/11/7/hail-south-africa.html

Congratulations must go to the Gary Alexander Racing team and all the connections as the Peermont Emperors Palace Charity Mile was won by the Summerhill-bred Pierre Jourdan!

PJ, as he is affectionately known, is a real horse for the people; sold at the 2008 Emperors Ready to Run Sale for R60,000, Pierre Jourdan has now gone on to win R4,475,675 in stakes.

Pierre Jourdan even has his own Facebook Page!!... CLICK HERE.

Congratulations to all the Champions from the Feed of Champions!

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Summerhill Stud - Equus Awards
Summerhill Stud receive the Champion Breeder Award
(Photo : JC Photos / Summerhill Stud)

They've done it again!!!

Summerhill Stud heads to the Equus Awards podium for the 7th year on the trot!

The original home of Vuma Horse Feeds, Summerhill Stud, has achieved a first - they are the first South African stud farm to win seven consecutive Breeders Championships. The Summerhill team received their award last night, at the Equus Awards held at the Theatre of Marcellus at Emperors Palace!

It has certainly been a long, hard slog to get to this point but one of the factors that helped to shape their path to the Breeders Championship was the return to more natural methods in the raising of their horses.

From a nutrition perspective, the turning point came when they initiated the production of Vuma Horse Feeds, based on international research and a return to a more natural whole grain, muesli-type feed, with processed maize and a superior vitamin and mineral profile.

This enhanced nutrient density has played a major role in the correct growth and development of their foals. The foundations of healthy collagen and correct bone growth are irrefutable to the long term health and soundness of young horses.

This is clearly illustrated in the fact that Summerhill horses tend to run, on average, for longer and more often than others.

Vuma is proud to be part of this achievement and we salute team Summerhill - We love to feed your Champions!

Other notable Vuma, Equus Award winners were :

CHAMPION TWO YEAR OLD FILLY - Princess Victoria for the Glen Kotzen Stable and owner Georgina Jafee

CHAMPION STAYER - Aslan for the Sean Tarry Stable and owners Mrs Leisher and Anthony Jacobs

BREEDER AWARD for EXCEPTIONAL INTERNATIONAL ACHIEVEMENT - JJ The Jet Plane for the Lucky Houdalakis stable and all the connections.

Another feather in the Summerhill cap was that the award for CHAMPION THREE YEAR OLD FILLY, CHAMPION MIDDLE DISTANCE HORSE and HORSE OF THE YEAR went to Igugu. This phenomenal Galileo filly was bought in Australia by Summerhill and sold at the Emperors Palace Ready to Run Sale in November 2009!

Congratulations to all the winners - we salute you on your great achievements.

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Sean Tarry with Canon Gold Cup winner, Aslan
Trainer Sean Tarry leads Canon Gold Cup winner Aslan
(Photo : Gold Circle)

Canon Gold Cup
Greyville, Turf, 3200m
31 July 2011

Sunday saw the official end of the 2010 / 2011 South African Racing season, which although dampened by weather and the date change, provided a warm finale for Vuma customer Sean Tarry!

With first and second past the post in the R1 Million Grade 1 Canon Gold Cup with Aslan and Kolkata respectively, the results confirm that the Tarry yard is back on form!

The Vuma team is thrilled to have been part of these results and our congratulations to Sean and all in the yard, and especially to owners Mrs Leisher, Mr Joseph and Chris van Niekerk.

We look forward to successful season ahead - we love to feed your Champions!

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seasons greetings

"...to you and your Champions"

As 2010 comes to a close, we reflect on a year that has been both challenging and exciting. Vuma Feeds has been through a few changes, with the product now being manufactured by Afresh Brands in Durban and Cape Town.

Having had our foundation on Summerhill Stud and being an integral part of their rise to Champion Breeder status, Vuma is still very much in touch with its roots. Our regular meetings at Summerhill ensure that the new team and the old team bring out the best in our tried and trusted products.

Our nutrient dense, organic-based formulations are still the same but we now have the added enhancements of not one, but two, sophisticated mills, enabling us to supply all our valued clients countrywide more easily than before.

With the dawning of 2011 on Saturday, we look forward to a New Year filled with exciting possibilities, starting with the launch of Vuma Gold, the Rolls Royce of Leisure feeds available at a mini Minor price!

We also eagerly anticipate seeing our favourite Champion J J The Jet Plane campaigning in the Dubai Racing Carnival, as well as seeing your champions excel in all that they do, powered by Vuma.

One third of the way through the racing season, Summerhill Stud is at the top of the Breeders log, for the seventh consecutive year. With Vuma Feed as their foundation, ensuring correct growth and development, we are certain that they will retain this title by the time the season ends in August.

2011 promises to be a superlative year! From all the Vuma team, we wish you and your horses the best of everything!

We love to feed your Champions!

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stratos winning the empress club stakes 

Stratos winning the Empress Club Stakes

Food for Thought 

In a study, "Motivation for hay: Effects of a pelleted diet on behavior and physiology of horses," scheduled to be published in an upcoming edition of the journal Physiology & Behavior, Katherine A. Houpt, VMD, PhD, Dipl. ACVB, a professor emeritus of Cornell University's College of Veterinary Medicine and and co-author Jaime Elia, determined if horses' welfare, in addition to their health, was compromised when denied fiber.  

The abstract is currently available:


The natural diet of free-ranging horses is grass, which is typically high in fiber and calorically dilute, however diets for high performance domestic horses are often low in fiber and calorically dense. The aim of the study was to determine the motivation of horses for hay when fed a low roughage diet. Their motivation could be used to determine if low roughage diets compromise the welfare of horses. Eight mares were fed two different diets in counterbalanced order: ad libitum orchard grass hay; a complete pelleted feed (pellets). Each trial lasted three weeks, with a one-week transition period between diets. To determine the motivation of horses for fiber they were taught to press a panel to obtain a food reward. The fixed ratio (FR) was increased using a progressive ratio ((1,2,4,7,11…) technique. When fed pellets, the horses worked for a median FR of 1 (Range=1-497) to attain pellets, and when fed hay, they worked for a median FR of 25.5 (4-497) to attain pellets. When fed hay, the horses worked for a median FR of 0 (0-0) to attain hay, and when fed pellets, they worked for a FR of 13 (2-79) to attain hay. These results indicate a greater motivation for hay, a high fiber diet, when fed a low fiber diet. The horses spent 10 (5-19.4)% of their time during a 24-hour period eating pellets compared to 61.5 (29-76) % of their time eating hay. Horses spent 58% of their time standing when fed the pellets and only 37% of their time standing when fed hay. Searching behavior (i.e. sifting through wood shaving bedding for food particles) took up 11.5 (1.4-32) % of the horse's day when fed pellets, but only 1.2 (0-3.5) % of the daily time budget when fed hay. Horses chew more times when eating a hay diet (43,476chews/day) than when eating a pellet diet (10,036chews/day). Fecal pH was lower in horses fed the pelleted diet.

In addition, the researchers also found that:

  • Horses fed hay, spent 61.5% of their time (throughout a 24-hour period) eating, while horses fed pellets spent only 10% of their time eating,
  • Horses fed pellets spent 58% of their time standing while horses fed hay, spent 37% of their time standing, and
  • Horses fed pellets spent 11.5% of the their time sifting through the bedding of their stall looking for food whereas horses fed hay only spent 1.2% of their time practicing this "searching behavior."

The authors concluded that a reduction in dietary fiber has a major impact on the behavior and physiology of horses. They recommend feeding at least half a bale of first cutting hay per day, or offering free choice hay.

As horsemen we know that when horses are denied access to pasture to partake in their natural grazing habits of eating small amounts for up to 16 hours a day, health and behaviour issues arise, such as the development of gastric ulcers and chewing of wood fences and stall walls. Eating bedding, box-walking and weaving are also negative effects of horses not having sufficient “chewing -time”

As trainers it is not always easy to balance energy levels, race recovery and race-readiness with a high-fibre diet particularly when the focus is on a calorie-dense diet for maximum energy output and muscle repair. 

Vuma Horse Feeds has always believed in providing nutrient dense, whole grain rations with processed maize for maximum digestibility. The whole grains include oats, sunflower and barley and apart from providing starch and some protein, as well as fat in the case of sunflower, the different whole grains provide a certain amount of roughage (tough outer hulls) while also fulfilling some of the searching behaviour of horses by allowing them to pick through the different grains. More roughage and different shaped grains, also allow for slower eating.

Coarse muesli mixes not only have a lower density than pellets but they are harder to pick up and furthermore, the horse cannot grip so much in one mouthful. Thus the format of the concentrate assists in controlling the rate of concentrate intake which is probably as important as controlling that of forage intake. If feed is eaten rapidly, less saliva is produced and the sudden flow of concentrated feed into the stomach causes a rapid secretion in acid. This is exacerbated if a horse has stood for a prolonged period with no access to feed.

It is possible to try to further reduce the rate of concentrate consumption of horses by mixing chaffs into the feed. The idea is that the forage requires a lot of chewing and cannot be swallowed until it is properly macerated. Thus, feeding time is prolonged. However, horses vary their rate of feed consumption during a meal, eating more quickly at the outset and many are also very adept at tossing the hay out of the manger, if it is not chaffed small enough!

Chewing movement in horses produces saliva which, due to its high bicarbonate and mucous content, buffers acid in the stomach. Thus reduced “chewing time” will lead to increased stomach acid which may lead to the urge to chew bedding and wood. 

The main objective with race-horse nutrition is to provide optimal energy while ensuring optimal health. This can be achieved by feeding a range of feeds like the nutrient dense range of muesli feeds from Vuma, by ensuring that the horses’ meals are spread into as many small meals as practically possible, and by providing sufficient roughage in the form of good quality hay and Lucerne, also spread throughout the day. 

High volumes of grain, without roughage, also lead to increased fermentation in the stomach which leads to an increase in the bacteria that produce lactic acid and gas. 

The Vuma range of products is a starting point to achieving optimum health and performance.

Vuma Upstart 14%, Vuma Racer12%, Vuma V812% and Strike R8.

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