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summerhill ready to run gallops
Emperors Palace Ready To Run Gallops at Summerhill Stud
(Photo : Summerhill Stud)

"Practice Makes Perfect"

Friday 15th October sees the running of the Ready to Run Gallops at Summerhill Stud; a showcase of potential which enables buyers to select their top picks at the sale to be held on Sunday 7 November, in Germiston.

Highlighting the value of the Ready to Run sale were the weekend graded wins of Pierre Jourdan and the filly Igugu, both graduates in the past two years. The stats will also tell you that the graduates of the Summerhill pastures are hardy and run more often for more stakes, keeping Summerhill at the head of the pack on the breeder's log.

What gives them the edge you may ask? As the founder of Vuma Horse Feeds, Summerhill knows the value of a superior stud feed formulated to ensure correct growth and lay down strong bone from the very beginning, even while still in utero.

Vuma Vigour, together with Vuma Vitality, forms the backbone of the stud feed. Vuma Vigour has the correct balance of vitamins and minerals, with superior inclusions to ensure optimal absorption of nutrients, particularly Calcium, at all critical growth stages.

Nutrition is essential in maximizing bone density. Skeletal growth is rapid during the first 12 months and it is at this time that bone, cartilage and tendon are being deposited and strengthened. The benefits of good levels of vitamin A, vitamin E and biotin are irrefutable in stud rations, and there is evidence to suggest that vitamin C is important in the development of healthy collagen and is essential to the production of connective tissues (ligaments, tendons, cartilage).

Protein is never as important to the horse as it is at this time. A horse, at any stage, has no requirement for a "percentage" of protein, but rather a certain mass of protein per day. The precentage protein feed supplied should be calculated by the requirement in grams divided by the amount of feed to be supplied. Since the intake of young horses is low, it follows that the "percentage" protein of young stock feeds will be relatively high.

In addition, quality of protein is important, thus the amino acid profile of the feed is critical and the quality of the individual nutrients included in the feed is important.

Skeletal growth occurs faster that weight gain. At 6 months of age bone mineralization is 68% complete. Dietary mineral supplementation along with careful management and training programs will result in improved bone density and in turn, improved skeletal durability. Young horses will stay training longer without the problems that bone injuries can cause.

The Kentucky growth chart below is a useful guideline against which to measure growing foals.

Kentucky Standard Growth Data (TB)

Month Kentucky STD ADG (kg/day) Body Weight Std (kg) Height Std (mm)
1 1.675 75 1072
2 1.49 115 1160
3 1.25 150 1215
4 1.19 180 1243
5 1.09 210 1290
6 1.0 230 1324
7 0.75 265 1350
8 0.75 280 1376
9 0.7 290 1411
10 0.5 310 1411
11 0.525 320 1430
12 0.3 330 1438
13 0.3 340 1456
14 0.3 355 1468
15 0.425 375 1475
16 0.875 395 1494
17 0.8 415 1513
18 0.625 425 1520
19 0.55

20 0.65

21 0.5


Vuma Vigour

  • 15% Protein whole grain, "muesli feed" with oats, extruded maize, whole sunflower, soya, Lucerne, bran and platinum class vitamin and mineral pack.
  • Biotin and lysine are specified at the higher end of the recommended spectrum to ensure healthy hoof growth and ensure an optimum amino acid profile.
  • Added vitamin C ensures healthy development of collagen and optimal absorption of calcium.
  • Vuma Vigour is recommended for mares in the 3rd trimester of pregnancy, weanlings, yearlings ad young horses (up to ¾ years) in light medium work.

Vuma Vitality

  • 12% Protein, whole grain "muesli feed" with oats, extruded maize, whole sunflower, soya, Lucerne, bran, and the industry's no. 1 vitamin and mineral pack.

Recommended for stud horses, barren mares, mares in 1st and 2nd trimester of pregnancy, and very suitable for spelling horses.

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For more information contact :
Catherine Hartley : 083 640 1155
Email: catherine@vumafeed.co.za




  summerhill ready to run draft outride

Summerhill Ready To Run draft outride
(Photo : Leigh Willson)


Summerhill Stud report that they are always flattered by the number of people who visit their website on a daily basis, never more so than in the weeks leading to the Emperors Palace Ready To Run Sale. Interest is at an all time high, as people clamber for news of the Gallops. Gratifyingly, the posting of the live show on their website www.summerhill.co.za by Monday p.m., will provide all the answers. 

Following is an extract from an article published on the Summerhill Blog :

"Another source of regular curiosity, is what happens to the horses in the immediate aftermath of the gallops. Being the highly bred animals they are, genetically attuned to running, their first instinct when they’re as well as they are and in the flower of youth, is to get out and run, but it’s our job right now to get them to Germiston in one piece for the sale. Mercifully, of the 110 Summerhill entries, only 6 had very minor muscle twitches, bumps or bruises by the following morning, something of a miracle considering the hot-blooded nature of thoroughbreds, and that this was the “acid test” years ago, we remember with some horror the number of horses suffering with sore shins, a phenomenon commonplace in training yards with two year olds. 

More recently at Summerhill, with the implementation of our bio-friendly farming and nutritional practices, we’ve laid down the quality bone which comfortably accommodates the rigours of racing, and it’s as big a compliment as we can pay to this revolution, that there wasn’t a single one with “shins” on Saturday morning. While there are other contributing factors, including genetics and some of our husbandry practices, the biggest factors are the way we farm, and the benefits flowing from our dedicated use of Vuma as our nutritional foundation

For the fortnight after the gallops, the strings go out (about 16 at a time) for a long walk and an easy trot, and for the last time till they retire to stud one day, they’ll know the freedom of the paddocks. It’s some sight to see them when they’re let go with 30 acres in front of them in the mornings, fresh as they are right now, but it’s a touch nerve-wracking when they’re headlong in the direction of the boundary fence at 70km an hour, with few signs of letting up! 

Once they get to the TBA’s magnificent Sales Complex at Germiston (for anyone who’s never been, it’s a world class facility, ranking with the best anywhere), they’re confined to two long walks, morning and afternoon, and they’ll be subjected to an entirely new routine. It’s bedlam in “Block A” once we get there, as there are droves of trainers, agents and owners passing through the complex every day, and there’s an entirely new discipline involved in standing to attention, and marching for inspection. 

But they’re in the hands of some of the best professionals in the world, and it’s a joy to watch our young Zulus parading these horses; they have few equals in the realm of stockmanship."


Summerhill Ready To Run Draft Fuelled by Vuma

emperors palace ready to run sale 2009 lot 89 emakhaya (street cry - soneria)

Lot 89 Emakhaya (Street Cry x Soneria)
(Photo : Summerhill Stud)

8 NOVEMBER 2009 

This last Friday saw the Summerhill Ready to Run draft, fueled of course by Vuma, being taken through their paces. The weather played along and fortunately the rain only came down after the last horses had left the track.

The Summerhill draft, well prepared by Tarryn Liebenberg, Michael Booysen and their team really did us proud and we love to feed these future Champions.

To view the pen pics of the horses, click here.



summerhill stud ready to run draft 2009

Click photo for a first glimpse of Summerhill's 2009 Ready To Run draft...



We all know that solid foundations are the keystone to any structure. So it comes as no surprise that well fed and well prepared young stock will be more successful in the sales ring and on into their careers.

At Summerhill, fresh out of winning their 5th Breeders Championship, there is very little time to sit and reflect on the year just past. All focus is now on the Ready to Run draft of 2 year olds, as they are prepped and given their foundation for their racing careers. The Ready to Run Gallops take place on 16 October at Summerhill Stud and the Sale is on 8 November at the TBA Sales complex. So the team is in full swing, ensuring that these horses are ready to impress in the sales ring and later on the race track.

Key to this strong foundation is the nutrition that they receive from the time that they are conceived through foaling, weaning and into their new racing lives.

The backbone of this nutrition is Vuma Horse Feeds, manufactured at our mill on the farm, using only the finest ingredients, from bio-friendly suppliers where possible.

Vuma is proud to play such an integral role in the consistent success of Summerhill–breds!

For a first glimpse of the 2009 Ready to Run draft out on the Summerhill tracks, click the photo above.

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