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South African Jockey Academy Race Day

 south african jockey academy race day

 Maxine and John Cronin, Craig Burke, Natalie Faasen, Sandy Wilson, Catherine Hartley and Grant Davison
(Photo : Vuma Feeds) 

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The South African Jockey Academy (SAJA) was established over 50 years ago and is situated at Summerveld in KwaZulu Natal. It is the only institution of its kind in Africa that trains and educates apprentice jockeys for the national and international horseracing industry. Champion jockeys that have trained at the Academy include Michael ‘Muis’ Roberts, Basil Marcus, Jeff Lloyd, Felix Coetzee, Mark Khan and Douglas Whyte to name but a few. Well known and highly acclaimed worldwide, this sports academy has an excellent reputation of producing top jockeys and boasts a rich history.

As part of their fund raising and promotions initiatives, the SAJA held a race day at Turffontein racecourse in August. Vuma was proud to be there supporting the education and training of our future champion jockeys.

Following their riding careers many of these stars, like Michael Roberts and Basil Marcus, go on to become great trainers and we are proud to continue our association with them by feeding the horses that they train.

Vuma – Proud supporters of our current and future champions!

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