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summerhill stud - photo by michael nefdt

Custodianship of the brand...
(Photo : Summerhill Stud) 

"South Africa's trailblazer in Horse Nutrition"

On a daily basis Summerhill Stud is receiving now, enquiries from around the world, prompted no doubt by the stream of pamphlets, brochures etc which fill your mailboxes with stallion propaganda at this time of year, as to when the Summerhill Sires Brochure will be on the street. It seems it has become coffee table material and archive stuff for many, but as always, it will be out at the beginning of August, and those attending the Summmerhill Stallion Day will be the first recipients.

Following is an insert from the brochure; a piece on Vuma Horsefeeds :

"When we first invested in the horsefeeds business twenty years ago, we made a solemn promise. For as long as it was within our means, our horses would be the best fed in the world.

That we've been true to that promise is plain from the record. A small country mill, hundreds of kilometres from racing’s action, has sustained the yards of seven of the last ten Champion Trainers. In a lifetime, you’d have to say you’d settle for that, but that’s only half the story.

Feeding racehorses is a process. At Vuma it starts long before the foal is born; in its perfect manifestation, it should go on to the grave. Any horse that's known the taste of Vuma, would feel deprived by anything less.

Ask the Champion Breeders. The lads in Mooi River will tell you that Vuma has been central to their six consecutive Equus Awards as the nations' Number One stud farm. The statistics tell us that their horses are healthier, that they run more often, for longer, and that when it comes to big race victories, there are no equals.

Our toughest competition will tell you that Vuma has been South Africa’s trailblazer in horse nutrition. That the loyalties it inspires are unbendable. And that as a brand, it is the envy of the industry.

Another promise we made, was that we would never entrust Vuma’s manufature to anyone else. Unless they make it better than us. That the custodianship of the brand would never be placed in the hands of anyone who did not share our values.

Technology has moved on since we made our first bag of Vuma in a concrete mixer in 1990. Our competitors have worked tirelessly in closing the gap. In the end, in the best interests of the best range of horsefeeds in the world, we’ve handed the torch to the people who’ve earned it. Who’ve worked hardest to compete, and who’ve made the investment to take Vuma to where it’s never been before.

And rest assured : they’ve made the same promises."

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