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Vuma Horse Feed

"Ensuring you are getting the best from your bag?"

Vuma Horse Feeds has always believed in providing nutrient dense, whole grain rations with processed maize for maximum digestibility. The whole grains include oats, sunflower and barley.

Apart from providing starch and some protein, as well as fat (in the case of sunflower), the different whole grains provide a certain amount of roughage while also fulfilling some of the searching behaviour of horses by allowing them to pick through the different grains.

Coarse muesli mixes not only have a lower density than pellets but they are harder to pick up and the horse cannot grip so much in one mouthful. More roughage and different shaped grains, allow for slower eating.

Quantity or Quality


The quality or amino acid composition of the protein in the diet is very important. Of the 22 amino acids required by horses, 10 must be supplied in the diet and are thus called essential amino acids.

Muscle development; the ability to repair and rebuild muscles after work and protein losses in sweat create a need for high quality, highly digestible protein.

It is generally accepted that lysine is the first-limiting amino acid, followed by methionine and perhaps threonine. Thus, a diet containing sufficient total protein but which is low in lysine will make the balance of the protein unavailable for effective utilization.

Vitamins and Minerals

Quality of the individual nutrients included in the vitamin and mineral pack of each ration is important, as is the assurance that the pack is free of undesirable substances, such as ionophores, which are commonly used in ruminant and poultry rations but are deadly to horses. Knowing that your product is made in a horse friendly mill ensures your peace of mind.

Balance is all important and correct vitamin and mineral levels are crucial! Traditional inorganic minerals are commonly used; however there are organic versions of certain of these minerals, which have higher absorption efficiency. Although more expensive, there is a trade-off between the cost of these organic forms and the benefit of increased absorption. Vitamins are also an expensive part of the ration, but the benefits of good levels of vitamin A, vitamin E and biotin are irrefutable in rations, and there is evidence to suggest that vitamin C is useful in laying a good foundation for bone development.

The vitamin and mineral packs in commercial feeds are really the difference between a good feed and a great one.

A nutrient dense feed range like Vuma ensures that your horse gets everything it needs in the bag!

Congratulations to all the Champions from the Feed of Champions!

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