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Vodacom Durban July (Grade 1)
Greyville, Turf, 2200m
2 July 2011

Right now, there is more than a chill in the air and winter's frosty fingers are gripping most parts of the country. Apart from being a fierce reminder that we are in the middle of our South African winter it also the harbinger of Africa's Biggest Horseracing event - the Vodacom Durban July!

Just three weeks away, this year's Right Royal Affair is set to once again, test the country's top horses against each other. Some of the main contenders for the big race include J&B Met winner Past Master, Triple Tiara winning filly, Igugu, as well as the Summerhill-bred Pierre Jordaan.

Bearing in mind that Igugu and Pierre Jordaan both grew up on the strong foundations of Vuma Feed, there will be more than a passing interest in their results.

With things hotting up for the big day, the KZN winter season has got off to a blistering start for some of our current Vuma customers. Trainer Sean Tarry has just saddled the winner of the Lonsdale Stirrup Cup, Vertical Takeoff, who also lines up in the July field while trainer Glen Kotzen who saddled Princess Victoria to win the Allan Robertson Championship, has entered 2009 July winner Big City Life in this year's main event.

At whatever level one participates, July day is set to be an epic event with the who's who lining up on the track and off.

For all our Vuma customers, they know that when it matters most, Vuma is always there and come the first Saturday in July, we will be there in every way - Will you?

Horses are our passion and we love to feed your Champions!

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Vodacom Durban July Day

Historic production constraints mean we only feed one in ten South African racehorses. Yet,on Vodacom Durban July day, we were there again with two Group One winners and another Group Two winner. At the expense of some flashy numbers the bookmakers thought were home-and-hosed.

As we've always said, when the chips are down and the big questions are being asked, Vuma won't let you down. Just ask the Champion Breeders, who took home the spoils for the sixth consecutive year, the same weekend.

SALUKI (GB) - Schweppes 2200
HAPPY ARCHER (AUS) - Durban Thekwini Stakes
GOLD ONYX (NZ) - Premier's Champion Stakes

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gold onyx wins the premier's champion stakes grade 1 for sean tarry

Gold Onyx - Premier's Champion Stakes (Gr1)
(Photo : Gold Circle)

Vodacom Durban July
31 July 2010

July Day 2010 was undoubtedly the pinnacle of an incredible season for Champion trainer Mike de Kock and we salute him and his team on this fifth trainer's title.

Hot on his heels though, is hot-shot trainer Sean Tarry with a total of 137 winners and R13,907 million in stakes. He finished his season in top style on July day with back to back Grade 1 wins in the Thekwini stakes, with diminutive filly Happy Archer and the Premier's Champion Stakes with the imported Black Minnaloushe colt, Gold Onyx.

Sean is a dedicated and talented trainer and will not be resting on these laurels for very long as the new season gets underway. You can be sure that Vuma will be there supporting him and the team at every finish!

Also on July day, trainer Michael de Beer celebrated a Grade 3 win with Saluki in the Schweppes 2200 and Glen Kotzen's Imperious Star ran second in the Grade 1 Garden Province Stakes.

Congratulations to all the connections from the Vuma team - we love to feed your champions!

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giant's castle, summerhill stud, south africa

The Valley of the Giant
(Photo : Summerhill Stud) 

Summerhill Stud, Giant's Castle, South Africa

Summerhill Stud is the birth-place of Vuma horse feeds.

Started as an integral part of the stud operation, Vuma looked to all corners to produce a natural feed that was good for the horse and contained the most superior ingredients to provide a nutrient dense product.

Hand in hand with this was a return to natural farming methods, caring for the environment, allowing the land to re-balance itself and restoring the original integrity of the soil.

This same natural philosophy that Vuma started with is still the philosophy of care and concern that continues to drive the way we manufacture our horse feed.

We use only the very best ingredients, sourced from organic producers where possible, providing a nutrient dense complete ration for each individual horse.

And this is why Vuma has played such an integral role in the success of Summerhill, by providing the 600-odd horses on the farm, from stallions to the youngest foals, with the foundation from which to develop their full potential.

Right now the results of this are evident in the numbers denoting the leading breeders.

Summerhill is looking at a sixth consecutive Champion Breeders title and we are still three weeks from the end of the season.

Vuma will be there – every step of the way to the culmination of another successful day of Vuma fed horses at the Vodacom Durban July.

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muhtafal stallion

(Photo : Summerhill Stud / Vuma Horsefeeds)

"More Champions... More Legends"

I read this article a while back, written by Mandy Haskin, daughter of renowned turf writer Steve Haskin :

Click here to read "All The Pretty Horses" by Mandy Haskin...

Her words strike a chord with all of us who have horses in the blood and it made me think of my earliest memories of reading form with my grandfather (much to my mother’s horror), listening to the results on the "wireless", the absolute need to be immersed in horses as much as possible and in more recent years the incredible horses that I have been lucky enough to see and be involved with.

On two previous trips to Kentucky we saw the likes of AP Indy, Danzig, Unbridled and Storm Cat to name just a few. We also saw Horse Chestnut twice and I have been lucky enough to visit him twice again since he has been back in South Africa, at his new home at Drakenstein Stud.

Sadly, we only got to see the graves of the great Nijinsky, Secretariat and Mr Prospector and yet these legends live on in the stories of their triumphs and the people who were privileged enough to be involved with them.

One just has to read the biography of Vincent O’Brien to be awestruck by the icons that he trained and one can only imagine how Aidan O’Brien’s story will read, particularly after his fifth consecutive win in the Irish Derby.

Our own Champion Trainer, Mike de Kock, wrote a book on Horse Chestnut and at the rate he is going, he will need many more pages to recount the successes and experiences of the other great horses that he has had in his care.

Even our current Summerhill and Vuma heroes from the stalwarts, Kahal and Muhtafal, to the young guns in AP Arrow (son of the great AP Indy), Mullins Bay, Solskjaer and Way West, leave their mark on all those that see them and work with them.

Near the stallion barn is the cemetery where among the greats, lies the hero of Summerhill, Northern Guest, revered in an extract from the soon to be released Summerhill Sires brochure :

"Not long ago, when the farm’s most famous resident, Northern Guest, made his daily way to his paddock, the management gathered on the verandah to pay their respects. He’d paid for most of what you saw around you.

Towards the end, the old horse with his arthritic gait, would announce his presence with a reassuring neigh. He was not about to play the invalid. Like every great stallion, he didn’t look at you, but over and beyond, across the fields of dreams."

Yet, here I speak only of famous Legends when every horse that we are each lucky enough to be involved with has its own special place and leaves its own mark on your soul.

Among my Legends is a horse that came off the track having injured a suspensory tendon. After 14 months off he came back to us, only to get horse sickness shortly afterwards. He collapsed and his condition was so severe that the vet at the time wanted to put him down. After persisting for another day and many hours of close care, he had improved enough that while still lying down he was picking at the grass and eating carrots. To say that he is a character would be an understatement! Eight years later he is still one of my best horses and he is my Legend.

This month sees the KZN Racing season peaking, culminating in the Vodacom Durban July at the end of the month. September sees the Keeneland Sales get under way in Kentucky and as they end the World Equestrian Games start.

The Vuma team will be watching closely, as more Champions show their colours and more legends are made.

Perhaps this poem goes some way to explaining the "addiction" that we all have!

stallion bust

Where in this wide world can man find nobility without pride,
Friendship without envy,
Or beauty without vanity?
Here, where grace is served with muscle
And strength by gentleness confined
He serves without servility; he has fought without enmity.
There is nothing so powerful, nothing less violent.
There is nothing so quick, nothing more patient.

Ronald Duncan, "The Horse" 1954

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