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J J The Jet Plane - Johannesburg Quarantine
J J The Jet Plane - Johannesburg Quarantine
(Photo : Natalie Houdalakis - T&L Racing Stables)

J J The Jet Plane - R12 Million in Worldwide Earnings

Vuma Champion, J J The Jet Plane touched down in Johannesburg last week from Dubai. He is currently in the quarantine facility for the next 5 weeks and we are delighted to have him back on South African soil!

With JJ in quarantine is the new addition to the Summerhill stallion ranks, Bankable, who is a very exciting stallion prospect, following his exceptional career of 8 wins for earnings of more than R22 million.

JJ is a true South African hero, and a real illustration of the exceptional thrills that can be experienced in horse racing.

His exploits here and abroad, in Hong Kong and Dubai, show that four friends with R70,000 to spend and some luck and perseverance can take on the world and win!

JJ was bought at the National Two-Year-Old Sale in 2006 and went on to win over R12 million in races across the globe, including the Cathay Pacific Hong Kong Sprint (Gr1), the Al Quoz Sprint (Gr2) on Dubai World Cup night as well as the local Computaform Sprint (Gr1), the Mercury Sprint (Gr1) (twice) and Golden Horse Casino Sprint (Gr1) (twice).

Unfortunately his suspensory ligament injury has meant that his international career has been cut short but luckily for us, he has returned home and we are thrilled to have him back in the Vuma fold.

Welcome home JJ!



seasons greetings

"...to you and your Champions"

As 2010 comes to a close, we reflect on a year that has been both challenging and exciting. Vuma Feeds has been through a few changes, with the product now being manufactured by Afresh Brands in Durban and Cape Town.

Having had our foundation on Summerhill Stud and being an integral part of their rise to Champion Breeder status, Vuma is still very much in touch with its roots. Our regular meetings at Summerhill ensure that the new team and the old team bring out the best in our tried and trusted products.

Our nutrient dense, organic-based formulations are still the same but we now have the added enhancements of not one, but two, sophisticated mills, enabling us to supply all our valued clients countrywide more easily than before.

With the dawning of 2011 on Saturday, we look forward to a New Year filled with exciting possibilities, starting with the launch of Vuma Gold, the Rolls Royce of Leisure feeds available at a mini Minor price!

We also eagerly anticipate seeing our favourite Champion J J The Jet Plane campaigning in the Dubai Racing Carnival, as well as seeing your champions excel in all that they do, powered by Vuma.

One third of the way through the racing season, Summerhill Stud is at the top of the Breeders log, for the seventh consecutive year. With Vuma Feed as their foundation, ensuring correct growth and development, we are certain that they will retain this title by the time the season ends in August.

2011 promises to be a superlative year! From all the Vuma team, we wish you and your horses the best of everything!

We love to feed your Champions!

vuma horsefeed africa



For more information contact :
Catherine Hartley : 083 640 1155
Email: catherine@vumafeed.co.za



vo3max omega 3 oil


VO3 Max is a specific, correctly balanced omega-3 blend of oils, containing the three critical omega-3 fatty acids: linolenic acid, EPA and DHA. VO3 Max provides the additional benefits of powerful antioxidants, Vitamin E and garlic.

Oils are an essential part of a horse’s diet, the major functions being the provision of energy, the production of cell membranes and hormones, and storage for the fat soluble vitamins A, D, E and K. Because of their high energy density, oils are playing an increasing role in the diet of sport horsesThey provide 2 1/4 times the energy of the equivalent weight of grain, but are totally digestible in the small intestine, so reducing the behavioural problems associated with hind gut grain fermentation.


Until recently, very little attention has been given to the fatty acid composition of the oils fed, and most often corn or sunflower oil has been used. While these oils may be useful, they are very poor sources of omega-3 fatty acids, linolenic acid (LA), eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA), and docosahexaenoic acid (DHA). These dietary omega-3 fatty acids have specific beneficial effects including:

• Decreasing blood lipid concentrations

• Increasing membrane elasticity

• Increasing insulin sensitivity

Regulating inflammatory response(excess omega-6 fatty acids can in fact exacerbate inflammatory
conditions like laminitis, arthritis and dermatitis).

Exercise tests in horses fed an omega-3 rich diet including EPA and DHA found that they tended to have:

• Lower PCV and

• Increased blood viscosity which contribute to

• Improved oxygen supply to muscles

• Lower resting heart rates.


For more information visit your nearest Vuma outlet or contact Catherine Hartley.

vuma horsefeed africa


For more information contact : 
Catherine Hartley : 083 640 1155 
Email: catherine@vumafeed.co.za




argentine open polo 2010 pi

Polo players in action
( Photo : Catherine Hartley)

Who's your money on this year?

It’s that time of year again; when all eyes in the polo world turn to Buenos Aires, Argentina!

In 3 days time the 117th Campeonato Argentino Abierto de Polo del Bicentenario Movistar gets going at the Palermo premises of the Asociación Argentina de Polo. This is the world's leading and most popular high-handicap polo event and is a mecca for polo players and horsemen who appreciate the innate ability of the Argentinians.

Kickoff date is Saturday, November 20th. The opening day will see La Dolfina vs. Sao José (2:00 p.m., local time, on field 2) and Pilará vs. Chapa Uno (4:30 p.m., local time on field 1).

Vuma Feeds will be there for the semi-finals and final and we’ll keep you posted on the results. Last year our money was on the La Dolfina team to beat Ellerstina but with a change in their team, they may just give the young Ellerstina combination the edge that they are looking for! Watch this space!

Match Dates

Saturday, November 20th
La Dolfina vs. Sao José
Pilará vs. Chapa Uno

Sunday, November 21st
Ellerstina vs. Alegría
La Aguada vs. Indios Chapaleufú II

Saturday, November 27th
Loser of match between La Dolfina / Sao José vs. Winner of match between Pilará / Chapa Uno
Winner of match between La Dolfina / Sao José vs. Loser of match between Pilará / Chapa Uno

Sunday, November 28th
Loser of match betweenEllerstina / Alegría vs. Winner of match between La Aguada / Indios Chapaleufú II
Winner of match between Ellerstina / Alegría vs. Loser of match between La Aguada / Indios Chapaleufú II

Saturday, December 4th
Loser of match between La Dolfina / Sao José vs. Loser of match between Pilará / Chapa Uno
Winner of match between La Dolfina / Sao José vs. Winner of match between Pilará / Chapa Uno

Sunday, December 5th
Loser of match between Ellerstina / Alegría vs. Loser of match between La Aguada / Indios Chapaleufú II
Winner of match between Ellerstina / Alegría vs. Winner of match between La Aguada / Indios Chapaleufú II

Saturday, December 11th

The Teams:
Zone A
La Dolfina
Adolfo Cambiaso (Jr.) 10
Lucas Monteverde (Jr.) 10
David Stirling (Jr.) 9
Bartolomé Castagnola 10
Total: 39

Chapa Uno
Bautista Heguy 9
Hilario Ulloa 9
Juan Ignacio Merlos 9
Matías Mac Donough 8
Total: 35

Agustín Merlos 9
Santiago Chavanne 8
Sebastián Merlos 9
Tomás García del Río 7
Total: 33

Sao José
Pablo Pieres (Jr.) 7
Nicolás Pieres 7
Jaime García Huidobro 8
Rodrigo Ribeiro de Andrade 8
Total: 30

Zone B
Facundo Pieres 10
Gonzalo Pieres (Jr.) 10
Pablo Mac Donough 10
Juan Martín Nero 10
Total: 40

La Aguada
Javier Novillo Astrada 9
Eduardo Novillo Astrada (Jr.) 9
Miguel Novillo Astrada 10
Ignacio Novillo Astrada 9
Total: 37

Indios Chapaleufú II
Alberto Heguy (Jr.) 8
Ignacio Heguy 9
Matías Magrini 8
Eduardo Heguy 9
Total: 34

Frederick Mannix (Jr.) 7
Francisco Bensadón 8
Mariano Aguerre 10
Francisco de Narváez (Jr.) 9
Total: 34



ernie anderson and nyakatho

Ernie Anderson and Summerhill graduate Nyakatho
(Photo : Summerhill Stud)


The best part of being involved in horse nutrition is seeing our clients succeed. From start to finish it is always a thrill to see horses doing well and looking their best.

It is also a privilege to go through a yard and get to know the horses. This is especially exciting in the racing yards when the horses started their lives at Summerhill and we know their history intimately.

Last week I went through the Turffontein yard of Ernie Anderson and as always, was inspired by just how hands-on he is as a trainer. From feeding all 50 horses to checking each one individually, as well as supervising all their work, he is personally involved with every aspect of his yard.

Ernie’s interest in racing started while he was still working as a quantity surveyor and he became an owner in 1976, back in the days when one still had to sit through an interview before being granted colours for a single horse.

He started training in 1987 and had his first winner in January 1988 with a little horse called Tangi. He was first based at Newmarket and then Germiston before moving to Turffontein when Gersmiston closed down.

Among his current stable stars are Valley of Rubies, and the Summerhill graduates, Ntabeni (Malhub x Hill of Plenty) and Nyakatho (Labeeb x Rose North)

Apart from his passion for racing, Ernie is an avid reader and collector of books and has a keen interest in mountain hiking, especially in the Drakensberg. He also breeds Red Angus Cattle and is building up a substantial registered breeding herd.

We will be watching in anticipation as Ntabeni makes her debut and as Nyakatho gets rolling in a few feature races this season. We love to feed your Champions!

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